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Stratégie sur une pandémie

Influenza pandemic intervention planning using InfluSim: pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions Hans P Duerr , Stefan O Brockmann , Isolde Piechotowski , Markus Schwehm and Martin Eichner Background Influenza pandemic preparedness plans are...

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Friends of Avian Flu " FAF"

Coup de Gueule... So British FAFfing about Tony Delamothe, deputy editor tdelamothe@bmj.com Somewhere, I imagine, there's a small group of people proud to be counted among the Friends of Avian Flu, or FAF for short. I suspect they have a catchy mission...

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A FRIC business as usual

dans le domaine des causes probablement rien de nouveau, business as usual ! A FRIC ( en idéogrames chinois ça s'écrit comment ?) LOME, June 22 (Reuters) - Tests have confirmed an outbreak of the deadly H5N1 birdflu virus at a poultry farm in the West...

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A New Line of Defense Against Bird Flu

A New Line of Defense Against Bird Flu un article du ScienceNOW Daily News By Martin Enserink ScienceNOW Daily News29 May 2007 Physicians may someday get an extra tool to deal with a global outbreak of bird flu in humans. In laboratory experiments, antibodies...

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