this is a bad new : H5N1 in healthy chickens

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this is a bad new ...

Indonesia reports H5N1 in healthy chickens

Oct 6, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – In a development that could complicate avian influenza control efforts, an Indonesian official said this week that some apparently healthy chickens showed evidence of H5N1 virus infection, according to the Jakarta Post.

Rachmat Setiadi, who heads the West Java Animal Husbandry Office, announced the findings 2 days ago after serologic testing of 20 chickens around the home of two people from Bandung who died of H5N1 infection at the end of September, the newspaper reported yesterday.

"The test has shown that four healthy chickens were infected with H5N1. We should be more cautious," Setiadi was quoted as saying. He also said healthy chickens with H5N1 were found in other cities and regencies, but he didn't name them.

Setiadi said the finding means that healthy chickens could carry the virus, according to the story. He recommended that residents stop keeping chickens in their backyards or near their homes. The Post reported that of Bandung's 26 cities and regencies, only two were free of H5N1 virus in poultry.

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