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Influenza pandemic:

Perception of risk and individual precautions in a general population.

 Cross-sectional study


An influenza pandemic may have considerable impact on health and societal functioning. The aim of this study was to explore people's reflections on the consequences of a pandemic.


Cross-sectional web-based survey of 1,168 Norwegians aged 16-82 years. The main outcome measures were answers to questions about a potential pandemic (serious influenza epidemic): statements about personal precautions including stockpiling Tamiflu(R), the perceived number of fatalities, the perceived effects of Tamiflu(R), the sources of information about influenza and trust in public information.


While 80% of the respondents stated that they would be careful about personal hygiene, only a few would stay away from work (2%), or move to an isolated place (4%). While 27% of respondents were uncertain about the number of fatalities during an influenza pandemic, 48% thought it would be lower than the estimate of Norwegian Health authorities (0.05%-1%) and only 3% higher. At least half of the respondents thought that Tamiflu(R) might reduce the mortality risk, but less than 1% had personally purchased the drug. The great majority had received their information from the mass media, and only 9% directly from health authorities. Still the majority (65%) trusted information from the authorities, and only 9% reported overt distrust.


In Norway, considerable proportions of people seem to consider the mortality risk during a pandemic less than health authorities do. Most people seem to be prepared to take some, but not especially disruptive, precautions.

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