Stratégie sur une pandémie

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Influenza pandemic intervention planning using InfluSim: pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions

Hans P Duerr , Stefan O Brockmann , Isolde Piechotowski , Markus Schwehm  and Martin Eichner


Influenza pandemic preparedness plans are currently developed and refined on national and international levels. Much attention has been given to the administration of antiviral drugs, but contact reduction can also be an effective part of mitigation strategies and has the advantage to be not limited per se. The effectiveness of these interventions depends on various factors which must be explored by sensitivity analyses, based on mathematical models.

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gsgs 18/07/2007 09:16

just looking at figure 1 :
it doesn't seem that "all interventions" has a significant effect
on the total number of outpatients.
The peak is smaller but the duration longer.